segunda-feira, março 23, 2009

Manipulating Woman

You`re a women without a clue, you`re a friend of no-ones too
Keeping track of your lies must be hard for someonenew, so-o
Better not try to get inside my head, you`ll find a nightmare waiting
You, make it worse
Leave it to the ones who know me, playing that game will only hurt you
You make it worse and never better
Manipulating woman, you`re making friends and using them all up
Manipulating woman, you must be used to the pain
I`m a girl who sees a fraud, im suspicious and keeping notes
Watching you go through my friends, waiting here to make my move so-o
Give an inch you`ll take a mile, pulling me down to push yourself up
You make it worse and never better
You`re so completely twisted, you`re so completely evil
You`re so completely wrong
But here i am still stuck with you

Manipulating woman, manipulating woman, manipulating woman.

Não sei se isso serve pra mim, pra voce ou pra ninguém.

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